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Labyrinth Walks, University of Dundee Chaplaincy Centre
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Virtual Labyrinth Walk 1 (unnarrated)
Virtual Labyrinth Walk 2 (narrated)

During lockdown the monthly labyrinth walks at the Chaplaincy Centre are suspended - so here is the next best thing.

Enjoy a Virtual Labyrinth Walk instead, that allows you to walk the pattern and along the way gives prompts for things you might want to consider so that your experience is mindful, relaxed and insightful. Now in two flavours! Unnarrated allows you to follow the pattern to gentle music and online prompts, while Narrated provides a guided meditation that can be followed with eyes closed or open.

Duration: 45 minutes. For best results: enjoy in a place where you will not be disturbed, where you can see and hear the screen easily, and where you are very comfortable, sitting or lying down.

Once physical labyrinth walks are allowed again under the current restrictions we will notify you on this webpage, so keep checking here and also on the Chaplaincy website for updates.