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Labyrinth Magic with the Chartres Labyrinth

A concise and lavishly-illustrated guide to using the Chartres Labyrinth for healing work and personal transformation. Whether you are new to the world of labyrinths or have a long acquaintance, there will be plenty in here to interest.

Learn how to deepen your experience with the Chartres Labyrinth in particular, create your own highly personalised replicas, and walk them anywhere and at any time - on foot, with your finger, or with your mind's eye. For any religious, spiritual or magickal perspective.

Going beyond the mathematical, the author ventures into the labyrinth’s role in metaphysical and spiritual realms, weaving the math and the magick together in an argument for the design’s role in the evolution of the human psyche. No matter what your interest, this book is sure to offer some mind-boggling ideas to test on your next labyrinth walk - Kimberly Lowell Saward, Labyrinth Pathways 9 (Oct 2015).

Tarot-Labyrinth Safaris: Meditative labyrinth-walking for divination

Want to take tarot reading to a whole new level?
To interact with the cards in a living landscape, shaped by the sacred geometry of the ancient transformational tool of the labyrinth?

This little book combines these two modalities into a meditative inner adventure for reader and client.

Six labyrinths to choose from.
Easy to follow construction designs for each.
Example meditation-journey included.

Enter a world of deep relaxation and inner safaris of psyche and soul, using your favourite divination method!

This small book ticked all the boxes for me - creative, joyful, mindful and very powerful! A new approach to these Ancient Arts, ideal for either novices, or for those who are more experienced. You will find excellent, clear instructions to create your very own labyrinth(s) - it's such fun doing the creative bit! Once you've created your unique labyrinth, there's a wonderful guided meditation to take you on the first, of many Safaris! I really loved this fresh approach of working with my cards, at such a deep level - a breath of fresh air for my psyche and soul... transformational. - Amazon review 2017.

Meditation To Go!: A year of peace and discovery

Meditation is an easy, fun way to de-stress and find a sense of wonder again in life.

You do not need any special skills or training to meditate. So why not give yourself the treat of Meditation To Go?

Meditation To Go! provides a 1-year plan of fortnightly relaxation sessions. Each is visionary, and will surprise and soothe you. You will delight in the benefits, which can include

Deep relaxation and an easily-accessed tool to create calmness in your day
Greater self confidence
Improved sleep patterns
Reduced physical pain has also been reported

Includes 26 guided meditations, plus breathing in and out exercises, and bonus meditations to allow your practice to be as varied as you like.

Simple Nature Labyrinths: Holistic Patterns for Healing the Earth
Picture of Bookcover Simple Nature Labyrinths

An easy to follow, beautifully illustrated guide to creating impromptu labyrinths in nature to both heal the Earth, and heal yourself.

Whether you want to make labyrinths from found materials at a nature location for your own private use, walk their invisible patterns on mountainsides, or uncover labyrinths in the many human green places we have access to, this book accompanies you on a journey into a deeper healing practice of creative satisfaction.

Whether you're a novice to labyrinths or an experienced labyrinthoteer, you'll find plenty in this full colour and beautifully illustrated fieldbook to kick-start your creative juices.